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Description: This is one of a number of gardening groups. We were the first of the groups to be established and have proved very popular. We have been the inspiration for the other garden spin off groups.We are a mixed group with members ranging from novice to experienced gardeners.

We share a common love of gardens and gardening and in particular wildlife in gardens. We take it in turns to host and enjoy looking round each other's gardens or visiting other local gardens during different seasons.

Our meetings cover the broad spectrum of .gardening'; the creation of plant life on earth, genetic modification, gardening to attract wildlife, medicinal and herbal planting etc.

On the 3rd Wednesday in the month we join with the other groups for a visit to a garden, nursery or garden centre.

We are a big bunch of happy gardeners and although popular would be happy to welcome you on board if a gap becomes available.

Garden Group 1


Various members homes locally

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

1st Wednesday in the month


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