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French for Beginners (French 2)


Group member’s home

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

Every Thursday


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Description: This Group has recently started in response to the amount of interest being shown by members in learning to speak French.

We meet once a week in a Group member’s home. As none of us are teachers, we are using our text book, see panel right, as our course and have just started slowly working our way through it.

In each session we include role play and short conversations in French. In future members are keen to use their French whilst abroad, hopefully on more than one French Trip.

We are starting as absolute beginners, although some of us did learn a little French at school. So if you want to start to learn French, or need to pick it up again but are terribly rusty, do please come and join us.

We’ll be delighted to welcome you into our Group.

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Our current  text book in the French 2

Group  is “French” in the BBC Active “Talk” series. There are two versions of

 the book available, one with, and one without, the accompanying CDs. We recommend getting the one with CDs.

ISBN 987-0-563-52010-8

If you want more details about the

book, just click on either the ISBN number above or on the book cover.