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Three Dimentional Art


The Old Church Hall

Meeting Dates

 & Times:

2nd Wednesday each Month starting January 2017


Additional Charges:

£15 for 6 meetings


This group offers the opportunity to explore diverse materials in the pursuit of creating three dimensional art objects. This is sculpture but not in the traditional sense of laboriously chipping away at a block of stone.

Interesting and beautiful sculptures are made from found materials such as packaging, old toys, plaster, clothes, old crockery.  The transformation of found objects into works of art is sculpture that requires no initial skills.

It is incredibly satisfying and releases the creative processes within us all. It is great fun especially within this friendly group.

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Here is the work made at our first 3D Art Group session in the Old Church Hall. The group worked together to create a city skyline sculpture with materials comprising of mostly packaging and gesso paint. This work is ongoing and will grow over the months as we also develop as 3D artists. The photographs above show 9 images of our collaborative sculpture. They are in 3 sections 1) A view of the sculpture, 2) Its silhouette, 3) Put into a skyline scene. There is also a photograph of the group at work.

If you would like to join in the fun contact Julie, details will be in the Newsline magazine.

Please note each Photo will be displayed for about 5 seconds and then move on.

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